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Welcome to NZADDs. We’re an independent group of academics and practitioners working together to promote dialogue and critical thinking about New Zealand’s role in international development.

Be it through aid, trade, immigration, or environmental policy (to name just a few), decisions made in New Zealand have real impacts on the the lives of people living in poverty in other countries. If we as a country want to help reduce global poverty and tackle global issues we need considered, well-intentioned policy and practice. NZADDs is committed to promoting this.

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NZADDs update: Pacific Publishing, conferences, we gave how much to the Global Fund?

Hi and welcome to an NZADDs email update,

Journal opportunity for Pacific Scholars
Are you a researcher from a Pacific Island country or of Pacific heritage? Do you have insights into aid and development in the Pacific? Would you like to publish a short academic article in the UK-based journal Development Policy Review? If the answer is ‘yes’, please consider submitting something to the journal’s upcoming Pacific author special issue. You can read their call for contributions here. You can read a short blog summarising it here. The first task is submitting an abstract to them before 18 November.

DevNet 2022
The Aotearoa New Zealand Development Studies network will hold its biennial conference in Auckland in December this year. It’s New Zealand’s foremost academic conference on aid and development, and a great opportunity to learn and meet people. The deadline for early bird registrations is 14 October. Read more here.

2022 Australasian Aid Conference
After a break due to Covid, the Australasian Aid Conference is back on in Canberra. Run by the Development Policy Centre (my employer), it’s Australia’s top aid and development conference. It covers the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It’s an excellent conference for engaging with regional and global issues. This year’s conference runs from 28-30 November. Read more here.

We gave how much to the Global Fund?!?
The seventh Global Fund pledging round has just finished. In it, donors promised funding over the years 2023 to 2025.

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Challenges with New Zealand Climate Finance

Climate finance isn’t all it seems. It’s meant to be money (often aid) that wealthier countries give developing countries to help them adapt to climate change, or to reduce developing countries’ emissions. Yet, when donors proudly announce climate finance at events like COP26 last year, quite often they aren’t actually giving new money. This was Australia’s problem at COP26, as I explained at the time.

I’ve finally had a chance to dig into New Zealand data and look at our COP26 promises, and the good news is that the major increase in climate finance that we announced is actually a real increase. This is something the government can be proud of. However, as I explain on the Devpolicy blog this morning, significant climate finance challenges still remain for New Zealand. The post is repeated over the fold.

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