Welcome to NZADDs

Welcome to NZADDs. We’re an independent group of academics and practitioners working together to promote dialogue and critical thinking about New Zealand’s role in international development.

Be it through aid, trade, immigration, or environmental policy (to name just a few), decisions made in New Zealand have real impacts on the the lives of people living in poverty in other countries. If we as a country want to help reduce global poverty and tackle global issues we need considered, well-intentioned policy and practice. NZADDs is committed to promoting this.

You can read more about NZADDs on our about page. For contact information see our contact page. Keep scrolling down to read our most recent updates on New Zealand Development Policy.

Event: New Futures for New Zealand Aid

New Futures for NZ Development Cooperation in an SDG World
Lecture Theatre 1, Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington

9am to 1pm, Thursday 5 July

Please RSVP to admin@nzadds.org.nz

A new government and the rise of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) makes this a crucial time to discuss and debate the direction of New Zealand’s aid and development work. What are we doing well? What needs to change? How can changes be brought about?

This event will be an opportunity to share ideas about where New Zealand’s international aid and development attention could, and should, be directed to ensure that in our global community nobody is left behind. We’re planning to involve representatives from political parties, MFAT, NGOs, the private sector, and academia. The seminar aims to bring people together to spark thought, collaboration and action. Continue reading

Where to New Zealand aid?

Hello and welcome to another NZADDs update,

Where is New Zealand aid going? Where could it go? Where should it go? How should it reflect the SDGs? On 5 July NZADDs will he holding a public workshop to look at these questions. We’re still in the planning stages, but please put the date in your diary.
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A new government!

Welcome to the first ever NZADDs update not written during the previous government’s 9 year reign.

A new government. What does this mean for New Zealand aid? What should it mean for New Zealand aid? For those of you who haven’t already done so, read Jo’s piece on how New Zealand aid can be renewed. You’ll also be interested in her blog post on what NZ’s political parties were promising prior to the election. (Note that NZ First removed their aid policy statement from their website sometime after Jo conducted her review.)

I’ve just written a post on what needs to change. You can read and comment on it at the Devpolicy blog.

There is a lot that could be done to improve New Zealand’s government aid programme. There’s also no guarantee that the current coalition, with domestic priorities, and three different parties, will do this. Now, more than ever, we need to be pushing for change.


Aid in the 2017 Budget

Hi, welcome to another NZADDs update.

First, in one of those coordination failures that the aid world is infamous for, we managed to publish the last NZADDs update moments before Peter Adams, a former head of the New Zealand Government Aid Programme, published his assessment of the McCully years on Stuff.co.nz. Peter was head of the aid programme when McCully first became foreign minister and his vantage point has afforded him considerable insight. You can read his take here. Highly recommended.

Second, last week was budget week in New Zealand. That meant hours of my life lost to spreadsheets — all in the name of finding out what budget 2017 meant for New Zealand aid. What follows is my take. This was first published on the Devpolicy Blog. Please read it, and comment on it, there.

Up, down and nowhere: New Zealand aid in budget 2017

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