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Welcome to NZADDs. We’re an independent group of academics and practitioners working together to promote dialogue and critical thinking about New Zealand’s role in international development.

Be it through aid, trade, immigration, or environmental policy (to name just a few), decisions made in New Zealand have real impacts on the the lives of people living in poverty in other countries. If we as a country want to help reduce global poverty and tackle global issues we need considered, well-intentioned policy and practice. NZADDs is committed to promoting this.

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A new political future for New Zealand aid?

Hi everyone and welcome to a new NZADDs update.

Like many, I’ve been wondering whether the new Labour government will improve New Zealand aid. (If nothing else, thinking about this stops me from worrying about the US elections.)

I’ve just written a blog post for Devpolicy on what the coming term may mean for New Zealand’s government aid programme. The blog post is reproduced below, but please go and read it on their site, and comment too. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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