This is a page where we share resources about New Zealand Aid and Development related issues. Resources are either links to other websites, or files we’ve uploaded. If you can think of good resources that we’ve missed, let us know via the contact page.

Development Info Hubs




DFID Research For Development


Development Action Report on the Evolution and Management of the Sustainable Development Fund (pdf)

Development Action Report on the Selection of Projects in the Sustainable Development Fund (pdf)

OECD DAC review of New Zealand Aid 2010 (links: summary, full doc not yet available)

OECD DAC review of New Zealand Aid 2005 (links: summary, full document)

Ministerial Review of Progress in Implementing 2001 Cabinet Recommendations Establishing NZAID, 2005 (PDF)

Towards Excellence in Aid Delivery (Report of the Ministerial Review Team 2001) (PDF)

OECD DAC review of New Zealand Aid 2000 (links: summary, full document as part of DAC Journal)

Audit Office Reports

Search page on NZ OAG website with links to audit reports on NZAID (link: here)

2008 Audit Office Report on NZAID

2010 Follow Up Report


OECD DAC – New Zealand’s aid at a glance 2008/09 (link)

Page on New Zealand aid programme website which links to more detailed  information on the work the programme does in specific countries (link)

Aid Data

Aid Flows

Commitment to Development Index



Nation Master

OECD Aid Stats

Oxford Poverty Index

Quality of ODA Index

SPC (Pacific)

UN Data

UNDP Development Data

WHO Western Pacific

World Dvpt Indicators

Surveys of Public Opinion About Aid

New Zealand 2016

New Zealand 2007

The UK 2010 (and DFID Survey Page)

The USA 2010

Australia (2001-2015) (2015)

Australia 2005

OECD list of surveys for several other countries

Other Public Opinion Related OECD Links

Parliamentary Questions, Speeches, and Cabinet Documents

Cabinet Minutes on Changes to NZAID (link)

McCully Speech NZ Inst International Affairs (link)

Development Related Parliamentary Questions 2010 (link)

OIA and Similar

Reply to OIA on agri-diplomacy (link)

Reply to OIA on value for money (link)

Reply to OIA on comparative advantage (link)

Reply to OIA on staff turnover in the aid programme (link)

Reply to OIA on aid programme for cows in Burma (link)

Reply to OIA on Shane Jones 1 (link)

Reply to OIA on Shane Jones 2 (link)

Reply to OIA on Framework for Fonterra aid funding (link)

Reply in 2018 to request for country strategies (link)

Response to 2018 letter to minister Peters (letter response)


Jacinda Ardern press release 2019 – NZ aid for electrification in Papua New Guinea (link)

Newsroom – Winston Peters gets aid increase against Treasury’s advice (link)

Stuff – McCully Opts for Quality Aid Spend (link)

OECD Media Release – NZ to Sharply Increase Aid Funding (link) (link broken this link some use)

NBR – Answers Sought on Aid Uncertainty (link)

Herald – McCully OpEd on Aid Changes (link)

RNZI – Aid Funding to Tongan Women’s Crisis Centre Cut (link)

Gordon Campbell Scoop – Attack on Foreign Aid Programme (link)

RNZI – Treasury Opposed to NZAID reintegration (link)

Stuff – Blumsky Aid Contract Niue (link)

Scoop – FSPI Funding Cut (link)

The Press – McCully Criticises Pacific Aid Officials (link)

Voxy – Funding Cut to Global Focus NGO (link)

Herald – Cuts to CID (link)

Stuff – Tywford OPED on aid Changes (link)

Pac News – Koha Haf Changes (link)

Pac News – Aid New Zealand (link)

Islands Business – Minister offers his justification for cutting Koha and HAF (link)

Stuff – McCully criticises Pacific Aid Agency Officials (link)

Stuff – McCully thoughts on aid bureaucrats (link)

Stuff – Minister Accused of ‘vindictive aid cuts’ (link)

Northland Chronicle – Mend call for change in New Zealand aid (link)

Stuff – Aid Workers Uncertain About Funding (link)

Stuff – Aid is about Poverty not Politics (opinion) (link)

Stuff – Why McCully is Reining in NZAID (opinion) (link)

RNZI – NZ to help increase Kiribati’s fisheries revenue (link)

Fiji times – NGO vows to carry on in schools after NZ aid funding ceases (link)

Stuff – NZ turns unhappy valley into ski field (link)

RNZI – New Group Monitoring New Zealand aid claims Minister against some NGOs (link)

RNZI – NZ think tank says development NGOs undervalued (link)

RNZI – Foreign Minister dismisses claims he devalues work of NGOs (link)

DomPost Editorial on McCully’s relationship with Ministry (link)

McCully Speech to NZ Inst of Int Affairs April 11 (link)

RNZI NZ Aid to help Kiribati Fisheries (link)

RNZI NZ Aid funds water quality work in Cook Islands (link)

RNZI NZ Aid funds hotal in Niue (link)

RNZ McCully Defends Appointment of Hayes to SDF panel (here)

Stuff – McCully’s $75,000 flight questioned (here) and McCully’s expenses more generally (NoRightTurn blog – here)

Herald – McCully Eyes Private Aid for Afghanistan (here)

NZ Aid Programme Fails with ‘Quality Not Quantity’ Creed – Peter Adams (here) and letters responding to Peter Adams’ comment (here). Then Minister replies to Adams via and Op-Ed (here) and in a news article (here). Peter Adams replies with a letter here.

Diplomacy Business like no other – DomPost Editorial (here)

DomPost – McCully to Rejig Foreign Affairs (here) (mentions volunteering and diplomatic appointments)

Bryan Gould – Businessmen Threat to Diplomatic Service (the Herald) (link)

John Overton – TVNZ on demand – discussing aid in the Pacific (link)

Weekend Herald – ‘Minister on a Mission’, very sympathetic article on the Minister (link).

Aid Interview with Terence Wood on BFM (part 1, part 2) Audio files.

Stuff – Cook Islanders Get Pearl Farming Aid (here)

More on McCully Expenses (No RightTurn blog – here; Stuff – here)

Aid and other NZ Work in Afghanistan (Opinion, Vernon Small, Stuff – here)

Delays in NZ to Somalia Famine (Radio NZ 1, Radio NZ again, TVNZ, The Herald, Stuff, Guardian report on who’s given what – although not sure numbers are correct for NZ)

McCully Speech to Pacific Forum (here)

McCully wants more bang for education buck – Herald (here)

NZ Aid funding to help Tongan Solar (here)

NZ Aid to Niue Tourism (here)

Debate, the Herald Jacinda Ardern and Nikki Kaye is NZ a good Pacific neighbour (here)

Herald – Key defends aid work in Afghanistan (here)

RNZI – NZ provides Solomons with aid for airstrips (here)

Voxy – Australia and NZ agree to work together on Pacific education (here)

Herald Opinion Barry Coates Pacific neighbours need help to tackle poverty (here)

NZ Signals Change in Pacific Aid – Radio Australia (here)

China in the Pacific – Pacific Scoop (here)

New Zealand Herald Article (Jan 2012) which details some survey results of staff satisfaction/dissatisfaction at MFAT (here)

New Zealand suspends aid to Vanuatu passport programme – RNZI (here)

MFAT STaff Cuts – Staff told to get a pet Stuff (here)

Jo Spratt Criticises Changes to New Zealand Aid – RNZI (here)

John Key Takes Action on MFAT Reshuffle – Herald (here)

NZ Firm Promises Community Consultation on Munda Airport – RNZI (here)

Business Access to NZ NGO Funds – RNZI (here)

More NZ Education Scholarships to Indonesia – Jakarta Post (here)

Minister McCully in PNG and potential impacts on aid directions (here, here, here, and here).