This page contains resources published or produced by NZADDs.

Submissions to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee on Aid to the Pacific 2019

Associate Professor Yvonne Underhill-Sem submission here.

Terence Wood submission here. And supplementary submissions 1 & 2, here and here.

Submission from Professor Regina Scheyvens, Professor Glenn Banks, Professor John Overton, Professor Andreas Neef. Submission here.

Victoria University Master’s student Thomas McDowall also made a detailed submission, which you can read here.

Our guess at this point is that all the submissions to the inquiry will eventually be made available here.

Submission to MFAT’s 2018 Review of New Zealand Aid Policy

Submission from Terence Wood here.

NZADDs Commentary

Commentaries are short pieces written on contemporary issues.

What Does the OECD Peer Review of NZ Aid Say? A Glass Half Empty and a Glass Half Full — Gerard Prinsen and Jo Spratt (pdf)

Towards a Melanesian Way of Beating the Resource Curse — Glenn Banks (pdf)

Mobile, Youthful and Gendered: the social dimensions of inequality in the Pacific — Yvonne Underhill-Sem (pdf)

Building on Lessons (Yet) Learned: Exploring the NZ Aid Programme’s Approach to Infrastructure in the Pacific — Morgan Hanks (pdf)

Reading Between the Lines: Summary of DAC Review of NZ ODA 2010 – John McKinnon (pdf)

Paddling in Choppy Waters, the Role of Politics: a response to ‘Paddling on one side of the canoe?’ — Pat Webster (pdf)

Cutting the Hand Off — Jo Spratt (pdf)

Steadying the Course: Exploring the Why, What and How of NZ Official Development Assistance Stability

NZADDs Comments on the NZ Aid Programme’s Draft Strategic Plan (2015).

NZADDs Working Papers and Discussion Papers

Working and discussion papers are longer documents offering in depth analysis of events and issues relevant to development policy.

Sharing Prosperity? A Comparative Analysis of Aid Policy in New Zealand and the United Kingdom in the 2010s – Emma Mawdsley, Warwick E Murray, John Overton, Regina Scheyvens, Glenn Banks

Helen Hughes and Aid to the Pacific – Ewan Morris

Show Me the Money: an analysis of New Zealand ODA expenditure 2002-2011 – Joanna Spratt and Terence Wood (full paper). Five page summary (here). Short blog summary (here).

Is Economic Development an Appropriate Focus for an Aid Programme – Terence Wood

Paddling on one side of the canoe?: The changing nature of New Zealand’s development assistance programme – Glenn Banks, Warwick E Murray, John Overton and Regina Scheyvens

The Changing Landscape of International Development in Aotearoa/New Zealand – Ed Challies, Andrew McGregor and Lee Sentes

Is Development Wicked? Using a Wicked Problems Framework to Examine Development Problems – Joanna Spratt

A Bolt from the Blue: Examining the 2009 Changes to the New Zealand Aid Programme and What They Mean Now – Joanna Spratt (Download full report here, download summary report here).

Show Me the Money: An Analysis of New Zealand Aid Expenditure 2002 to 2011 (Download full report here).


NZADDs Book Reviews

Representations of Global Poverty: Aid, Development and International NGOs by Nandita Dogra, review by Rachel Tallon


NZADDs Presentation Resources

Presentation resources include audio and visual material from NZADDs events.

‘NGOs and NZ Aid: The Value of Investing in Civil Society’
On 21 September, Garth Nowland-Foreman and Andrew McGregor spoke in an NZADDs/IPS event on aid and New Zealand Development NGOs.

You can download PowerPoint Slides from Andrew’s talk here and from Garth’s talk here.

Is Economic Development an Appropriate Focus for an Aid Agency
Listen to the talk ‘Is Economic Development an Appropriate focus for an aid agency?’  given in March 2011 in Auckland here. You can download the talk as an MP3 file here. The talk consists of an opening speech by Terence Wood followed by comments from discussants Ken Jackson and Anita Lacey.

You can listen to the Wellington Talk on the same topic here. (To download an MP3 of the talk right click on the link and select ‘Save As’). The talk is similar to the Auckland talk but with input from discussant Geoff Bertram.

You can download the PowerPoint slides that Terence spoke to at both talks here [pdf].