The New Zealand aid budget 2015

Hello and welcome to an NZADDs update — this year’s budget special.

The following analysis of the New Zealand budget, and what it meant for aid, was posted on the Development Policy Centre’s blog this morning. You can read the blog post, tweet it, offer your comments, and beg to disagree via the original blog post.

Also, if you’re interested in what happened to Australian aid in the Australian aid budget this year, the Devpolicy blog has a suite of blog posts as well as a recorded seminar which will tell you everything you need to know. Watch and read here.

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NZADDs Update January 2015

Welcome to a new year and a new NZADDs update,

It’s been a while since we emailed and, in addition to the usual development news, this email will update you on NZADDs’ future and a little of what we’ve been up to.

Before we get to that though, on the other side of the Tasman, the Abbot Government has signalled it will dramatically cut Australian aid, starting with a cut of approximately 20 percent next financial year.

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Of security council bids, doing our fair share on global issues, and research aplenty

The big news this update of course, is that New Zealand won its bid to be on the UN Security Council. Not only won, but won on the first round with 145 votes. This is a great achievement. Congratulations are due to all those involved over the past decade, not least the hard-working civil servants toiling behind the scenes.

In the lead-up to the Security Council vote Minister McCully gave an evocative speech to the UN General Assembly in which he opened with pointed comments about how New Zealand is a country of action, not words.

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