NZ’s aid response to Covid-19

Hi and welcome to another NZADDs update.

New Zealand’s aid response to Covid-19
Last Friday, Jonathan Kings, the head of the New Zealand Government Aid Programme, published a piece discussing New Zealand’s aid response to Covid-19. It’s well worth a read. As you’d imagine, it’s fairly upbeat, but it’s also frank and quite detailed. It suggests our aid programme is thoughtfully trying to navigate very tricky times.
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New aid policy & stumbling towards transparency

Hi and welcome to an NZADDs update,

New aid policy
Late last year the New Zealand Aid Programme released its new policy statement. There was little fanfare but the policy is — on paper at least — a clear break from the previous era of New Zealand aid. You can download it here.

The policy emphasises the Pacific (which isn’t a change) and sustainable development (which is). Economic development remains a pillar of New Zealand aid, but one amongst others. Social development, the environment and governance are all emphasised. There’s also talk of partnership and values. The new policy signals change.
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