MFAT strikes back?

Hi and welcome to a brief NZADDs update,

In June we blogged about aid budget issues in New Zealand on the Devpolicy Blog.

To our pleasant surprise, MFAT’s chief economic advisor Vinayak Nagaraj has responded with a blog post published today on Devpolicy.

We’re thrilled at the engagement. We think aid programme staff debating civil society is healthy, and exactly the sort of thing that will lead to better aid and better aid analysis.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we agree with MFAT’s arguments. And it hasn’t stopped the NZADDs Rapid Response Team from spending the last few hours compiling spreadsheets, reading OECD documents, and drawing diagrammes in the NZADDs war room.

We will post a response next week. In the meantime we encourage you to read the MFAT blog post.

Terence (for the NZADDs Rapid Response Squad)