NZADDs Email Update – Upcoming Aid Event 4 September 2013

Hello and welcome to a very brief NZADDs update,

[UPDATE: The programme for the event can now be downloaded here.]

This one’s just a heads-up letting you know to…

Save the Date

Clear a space in your schedule so you can attend ‘Looking Forward: New Zealand Aid Beyond 2015’, from 1:00 – 5:30pm, in Wellington, on Wednesday 4 September 2013.

The Council for International Development, the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, and New Zealand Aid and Development Dialogues are organising this event to provide a forum for discussing the future of New Zealand aid. We’re lucky to have Professor Stephen Howes, Director of the Development Policy Centre at the Australian National University, as our keynote speaker. Stephen has a wealth of experience in international aid and development, and was part of the Australian Independent Aid Effectiveness review. Check out Stephen’s bio below for more.

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A Bolt from the Blue: NZADDs Speaking Tour

Between 20 and 22 March Jo Spratt will give talks in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland on her NZADDs Working Paper ‘A Bolt from the Blue’.

This Working Paper examines the 2009 ‘review’ of NZAID and the reasons offered for the 2009 changes to the NZ government aid programme. The Working Paper concludes that there was no review and that the real reason for change was to shape government aid policy that assists New Zealand to do well at the same time as doing good. Jo will talk about this and raise questions about what this means for New Zealand aid today.

[Update: you can now download the full working paper from here, and download summary report from here).]

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