Government Decisions on Aid Become Ever More Murky

NZADDs Press Release

The recently appointed panel to determine how grassroots aid funding will be spent is being criticised as poorly qualified and politically driven.

Criticism of the three-member panel comes from a newly formed international development think-tank called NZ Aid and Development Dialogues (NZADDS). Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully scrapped the previous funding mechanism for New Zealand-based NGOs working in international development in April 2010.

“It is ironic that the Minister scrapped a transparent, well-functioning scheme, saying he would put in place a programme with clear objectives and transparent administration. Instead, we now have three people making decisions as to how over $20 million in aid funding a year will be spent, but they have no understanding of how NGOs work with poor communities, or how to best measure this work,” said NZADDs spokesperson Jo Spratt.

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